Get Loving Care for Your Loving Friend

You'll find qualified veterinary care in New Bedford, MA

Your animals friends are loving, so shouldn’t your veterinarian be loving, too?

Village Veterinary Hospital in New Bedford, MA wants to be your preferred choice for the kind of loving veterinary care and service you want for your dog, cat or farm animal. From minor procedures to major surgeries, we’ve assembled a team that’ll provide attentive and effective care to your animal friends.

What Makes Village Veterinary Hospital So Special?

When you come to Village Veterinary Hospital in New Bedford, MA, you’ll discover a whole new level of veterinary service.

You’ll benefit from our training and experience

Our veterinarian, Dr. Jacqueline A. Brito, is experienced in practicing medicine for animals both large and small. Her education and credentials are matched only by her passion for helping farm animals and household companions like yours.

Your animal will be treated safely and respectfully

You’ll never have to worry whether or not your pet’s in good hands. We treat cats, dogs, horses and other domestic animals with all the love you’d expect from people who genuinely care for their animal friends in New Bedford, MA.

You’ll enjoy convenient animal services

Our animal care team offers ambulatory service for horses and livestock, as well as on-call services after hours. Whatever you need for your animals, day or night, we’ll be there.

Pooch Feeling Cooped Up?

Doggy day care available in New Bedford, MA

In conjunction with The Village Woof, Village Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer doggy day care in New Bedford, MA. Whether your dog has more energy than you have time, or you simply want to make him or her a more socially-adjusted canine, we’ll keep your four-legged companion safe and happy while you’re away.

Pay your pets or farm animals back for their loyal companionship by giving them the great veterinary treatment they deserve. Bring them to Village Veterinary Hospital in New Bedford, MA.